• Robert Wickboldt

    A well-known name in the financial services and investment sectors is Robert Wickboldt. He is currently the leader of Essex Investments, but his successful personal and professional track record has helped him reach this position.


    Born and raised in a military family, Wickboldt spent part of his youth in Houston, Texas, but moved around frequently, including spending time on the east coast. After completing high school, he attended Columbia University, focusing his education and interests on investing.

    Throughout his college years and early adulthood, Wickboldt devoted himself to reading anything he could about investing in the stock and bond markets. He studied research reports to understand the markets' history better and predict their future, enabling him to make more informed investment decisions.


    His interest in the stock market led him to focus on day trading, making short-term investments in various companies based on market signals. This strategy allowed him to make sound investments and achieve a good return without holding stock for too long.


    In addition to investing his capital, Wickboldt became a professional investment strategist, helping to create investment strategies used by professional investment firms. He analyzed individual companies and stocks, incorporating larger macroeconomic forces.


    In 2022, Wickboldt established his investment platform and firm, Essex Investment LLC, registered in Reno, NV. The company will focus on creating an alternative investment strategy to achieve long-term investment results. Wickboldt will oversee the investment strategy as the managing partner, utilizing his experience in day trading and investing in the stock market.